long awaited 16th st post

Thursday, November 10, 2011

wow, moving, remodeling, and moving again is very tiring!  but the payoff is totally worth it.  although it is not finished it is home.
 i still need to get romans in here, barstools, a larger kitchen table and chairs, install vent hood, caulk and paint basboards, install pantry door, but i am loving cooking in here.
 so convenient having all our dishes so easily accessible.

 wow.  we removed the wall to the right, all upper cabinets and soffet. relocated the oven and refrigerator....
 the whole room is very bright and open.  i'm feeling frozen because my list is still insanely long, but one thing at a time is all i can do.  it will get there, and i will keep you posted.
 ahhhh, this is the couch my sweet grandparents gave us! it is early 60's, and had an olive green damask that was not ideal so we had it reupholstered in this yummy herringbone gray chenille. so sorry i didn't get a before. but the change is dramatic
this is the original chandy, i just sprayed it glossy white and replaced the bulbs.  it has a fun vintagy modern look now


Splendid Things said...

very nice, brittany! i know each time you cross something off your list it must feel so good!

Ashley said...

even though i see your house almost everyday, i still smiled when i saw these pics! it is just beautiful! yall have worked so hard! watch out old town home christmas tour :)