iris' shower

Friday, August 27, 2010

ash and mom threw me the most spectacular baby shower.
it was a small affair just family and church friends, the theme was
cupcakes and cocktails
they worked so hard on all of the adorable details, it was so cute!
the party started at 7pm, and at about 7:10 pm the power went out on ashley's block, so we had a candle lit un-airconditioned party. the un-airconditioned part explains my hair, it was down and looked pretty good, but i just couldn't handle the heat. iris keeps me very insulated.

the balloons had little cupcakes and i's hanging from them!
ash made these flags, isn't she amazing!
the candle light was actually quite pretty

there was vanilla, strawberry with fresh strawberry icing, chocolate, and chocolate baily's cupcakes. so yummy!!
cocktails, anyone?
thank you ashy and mom, it was perfect!!!!!

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iris' room is complete

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i had so much fun designing this room for our baby girl Iris Amelia! for those of you wandering about that name i do believe this is our final answer, ophelia just might have been a bit too fancy. her room did turn out slightly more pink and girly than originally planned, but i simply could not help myself.
pink is irresistible.
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our little family

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my sis, ashley took some sweet pics of our family of 3 soon to be family of 4. she did a fantastic job despite elijah screaming most of the time, and me practically fainting from the heat.
for real it is hot!


summer fun

i haven't blogged in a while, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of this, so i decided to steal ashley's idea and simply post a bunch of random summer memories.

our very first real life group, love these peeps!
elijah watching the bisquit brothers, he stood there in the rain without moving for the entire concert.
blanton family reunion

fourth of july at the condo
treasure hunting
helping with the homemade ice cream
kidz club
chillin' at the pool
nature science center

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