cameron park zoo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

planning our route
eli looked at everything with such amazement

our first pit stop

me and my boy.
e is fascinated with windmills because his grandma and grandpa have one at their house

rhino, he was enormous!!

pink flamingo's under the most beautiful red tree
the elephants were elijah's favorite

gazing at the giant koi fish
headed back to the parking lot, everyone was exhausted but happy
iris was an angel all day. she smiled going home, i think she loved the zoo too

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first night away

Sunday, November 7, 2010

patrick and i just got back from our first night away since iris was born. don't we look blissfully happy?
we happened upon a free grupo fantasmo concert at the main plaza, they are awesome!

veterans day parade, it was great!

we even walked through the alamo, we have both seen it numerous times before but hey it's free and why not walk and walk while you can without any diaper changes, tantrums, or snack breaks.

the truth is our hotel room was not quite ready yet.

on our way home we went to a corn maze, so much fun.

can you find us?

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friday afternoon photo shoot

Friday, November 5, 2010

i was going through iris' closet and realized she had not been photographed in her wonderfully large tutu my friend amy made, so that meant impromptu photo shoot.

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iris smiles all the time now, it is amazing. she has the most awesome dimples, and her eyes just twinkle. she loves it when her daddy looks in our giant mirror with her.

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halloween in old town

as most of you know we love halloween and love dressing up! this year we chose the flintstone crew, we were the rubbles, the wonderly's were the flintstone's, and mom and dad were their bedrock neighbors. oh, and iris is the rubbles second child that never quite made the script.

elijah was a bit leary of trick or treating at first, but definitely got the hang of it!
our sweet friends the colliers with their little humpty dumpty

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